I learned more about love, by not loving him, than I ever could have loving someone else. At some points he starts wondering if I'll leave him or if I (16) really love him at all. My ex-husband always knew when I had a headache. But sometimes, about one week per month (yikes), I look at him and don't feel anything. One time, he says that deep down he's always doubted that I love him since the beginning of our relationship. My everything, my sweetheart, I love you and I will always do. My boyfriend (17) has depression and sometimes it gets really bad. I loved that about him. When we get back together he always makes these half-hearted attempts to meet me half way but it stops within a few days.I can't seem to leave him permanently. Just Read & Learn All About Relationships & Some About Relationship Flaws Love & Heartbreaks I Don’t Know If I Like Him Or I’m Just Bored. We have nothing in common it seems and I am really scarred from all the fighting. I loose my head [Chorus] Sometimes I love her, sometimes I love her not. Your not spending enough time together for the feelings to become 'full-time'. It's been around 8 months since I've been with him. He likes me to sit there and watch them play - it's boring. I just can't imagine breaking up with him, and I really don't want to. 3 min read. We have no common interests except sex and eating and sleeping. by Michelle Devani. Sometimes I Love You, Sometimes I Don't. Generally speaking, I love him. when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and share things like bills and kids and household duties the spark goes away. Hold on to your core truths. He's generous and kind. My gf thinks everyone is turning on her because of me but they dont know me? I love you. He tries his hardest all the time, and I really could want nothing more than him. But don’t think I walked away from our loveless relationship having learned nothing about love. As a monk, he’d spend hours confessing seemingly trivial sins. 3. Now we do spank on occasion, but it is pretty rare, and of course it is for correction, not to hurt him, scare him, show him who is boss, or any other thing like that. Sometimes it sounds like; Be safe. male I think it’s possible to love yourself and to also sometimes look in the mirror and think: ‘ugh’. To the point w… You must be honest about your feelings. i thought i’d take the time to write something with my hand and not with my thumbs. (sometimes) The task is to put the adverb of frequency in the correct place. I'm not strong enough to walk away.What should I do? 1. -Unknown Author ''“Hold on to your core truths. He tells me he loves me and that I'm beautiful.But after I am home 3-4 days I start to forget about him. female Is this wrong? And I never had them with him. One day, he … reader, BunnyTee  +, writes (12 May 2010): A Is having sex with 2 different guys in the same day bad? James Lehman explains how dealing with a difficult child can take its toll on the parent-child relationship, and he gives you some practical advice on how to handle it. reader, anonymous, writes (13 May 2010): A I … Click To Tweet. I am completely in love with you, and I don’t even car if it is too soon, too late or “not the right time”. and I also don't recomended that you date someone just to hav a … All Content Copyright (C) DearCupid.ORG 2004-2008 - we actively monitor for copyright theft, Register in under one minute and get your own agony aunt column. It’s a secret that many parents of acting-out kids share but rarely confess to anyone. You can acknowledge his feelings without agreeing with him. And I always come whimpering back missing his affectionate nature. Boyfriend sometimes doubts I love him. I think I'm addicted to his affection. The answer key says: "I sometimes don’t travel to work by car." It's really thrown me for a loop. 53 likes. I’m a woman of 35 and he is 40. Image by Skitterphoto on Pixabay. reader, Antalya1  +, writes (13 May 2010): A You are my whole world and I can’t imagine one without you by my side. broke up, fell in love, get back together, money, the internet. I'm not super emotional, but I do remember being very emotionally attached to my very first boyfriend. If I say I don’t love my husband anymore, I am saying that I choose to not obey God. But I can't practice my career in such a small place. What Can I Do If I Feel Bored of My Boyfriend and Sometimes I Feel I Don’t Love Him Anymore but Actually I Do. I know that i love him and i care about him, but sometimes I feel like i don't like him. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I love you and there are no excuses for that. Sometimes I feel so in love, and I feel happy when I see him and he always puts me in a good mood, but sometimes I just don't feel romantic love and only friendship. He just bores me and I have nothing to say to him.I don't understand how I can love him? We also don't talk much. “Because you spank me sometimes,” was his response. He is not too far away, a train ride away, but I struggle to get the money to visit and so does he. reader, luvlyangie  +, writes (12 May 2010): A How To Ask A Guy If He Is Cheating & To Get Him To Tell You The TRUTH ? Perhaps no one was more disturbed by his guilt than Martin Luther. He is much slower moving than I am, and while that is such a good match for someone like me who is constantly moving and running around, sometimes I don’t appreciate the slower pace. Sometimes I Love You, Sometimes I Hate You, but There isn't a Day that Goes by That I Don't Miss You Feel of missing someone develops from the day you started loving … When I am PMSing I dispise my partner. What doe this mean? Login first reader, Emaz help  +, writes (12 May 2010): A He’s only had one relationship before and that ended 15 years ago. He takes me back every time. Sometimes I am impatient with Adam. female We don't have anything in common. Sometimes he says this as a joke, but I played along and asked him why he didn’t love me. DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner seems to forget I exist sometimes. if you're younger than 19 probaly you don't know what you want. View related questions: 2. male Sometimes I feel so in love, and I feel happy when I see him and he always puts me in a good mood, but sometimes I just don't feel romantic love and only friendship. The truth is, sometimes you don’t like your child very much. He plays the same games on the internet with other people. Pitch Perfect Riff-Off with Anna Kendrick & The Filharmonics - Duration: 9:35. He always has an excuse why he can't do something.I've broke up with him more than once because of our lack of shared interests. Plain and simple. He could see it in my face, or the way I reacted to things. The Late Late Show with James Corden Recommended for you Our romance was loveless, and it took a lot in me to admit that. Why would your ex block you on whatsapp but still follow you on insta and see every story you post? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. That’s normal, right? You know what makes you special.''. I have also recently started taking the pill, which I have heard alters your emotions. He's been asking me to marry him for 2 years and I keep saying next year. 3 jobs same result ? RFJ covering sometimes I love her. 6 janv. He likes to play cards or backgammon with his friends. I love you more than yesterday but much less than tomorrow. I recently got into a relationship with my best friend, he is really head over heels in love with me and has been since we met last year. Should I give it up? He has 2 businesses there and makes great money. Plus he wants me to move to his small town. reader, Hassangote  +, writes (12 May 2010): Already have an account? Help! Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? Our jobs keep us apart but we have long holiday breaks.When we're together I really love him. Tagged as: Troubled relationships << Previous question Next question >> Question - (12 May 2010) 9 Answers - (Newest, 13 May 2010) A female age 51-59, *ntalya1 writes: My boyfriend and I live in different places but are able to spend some time together - more than weekends. He's sweet and likes to snuggle and kiss me a lot. There are different kind of couples we have the inseparables, the office couple, the travelers and of course we have the bickers where one likes to make remarks behind each others back. I have always had trouble with the idea of not being able to see other people, I have never been promiscuous or anything but I liked having the option, it kinda feels like I'm being tied down but I have always felt I had problems with commitment to anybody. My boyfriend and I live in different places but are able to spend some time together - more than weekends. Listen, but don’t surrender. Did you eat? Call me when you get home. female sometimes I think she's really crazy. How can I be happy with this man? blah, blah, blah... to much to read. I've never fell in love with a man that I couldn't talk to or do things with. Get answers by asking now. Sometimes I love him, sometimes I don't. Is this wrong? :(. sometimes i don't get things right i can miss it in a blink of an eye but sometimes i get it and make the best of it and just let time pass me by course (SOMETIMES i love you somtimes i … Is taking a break a right option to experience the world without loosing my boyfriend. How many dates does it take (on average) before the girl is comfortable enough to have sex? A Don't have an account? goodnight. reader, blissbrite  +, writes (12 May 2010): A You know what makes you special. Can someone please explain why I'm not "IN LOVE" all the time, the love is always there but sometimes I'm just not "IN LOVE", but sometimes I am I don't know. Tell him you love him, but not this behavior. What does this mean when a guy does this ? sometimes I don't love him Okay this sounds totally awful and weird and that's why I'm asking. You can get a job for the extra cash then use the train to get in touch with him (if you want to meet him badly) or something like that you do love him you just don't remember it. reader, anonymous, writes (12 May 2010): A Our kisses, hugs, slow dances- they never had that stomach-stirring physical f Our jobs keep us apart but we have long holiday breaks. I actually agree with her — I just don’t think it’s that simple. He's a good person, ya know. :/. I have never felt this close to someone or comfortable it is great, he knows me so well and still adores me. i bought this for chris because i love him and sometimes i feel like i don’t tell him enough. she likes to get into confrontations. I don’t really want to date anyone but I miss how it feels to like a guy – so I start developing a little crush, but I’m not sure if it comes from somewhere real. reader, happy140  +, writes (12 May 2010): A What would a woman tell me before she poops me out? I didn’t get them often, but he always knew. I would rather fix the problem if that is possible...please help! Love is described in 1 Corinthians 13 like this: It is patient. Sometimes when you’re single for a long time like I’ve been, you want a distraction. but she's still my baby. 2020 - People don't always say; I love you. But yesss the younger daughter with Athelstan she was like: I don't mind I like the priest when Lagertha asked how they felt about the priest running the farm alksjflsdf #blainealtman #i don't know how i feel about rollo tbh #sometimes i like him sometimes i don't #all i know is that the boatmaker is batshit crazy #and i kind of crack up at everything he does #*replies #lb vikings Butterflies Do Mean Something. I don’t travel to work by car. I wrote: " I don't sometimes travel to work by car" since it would be the position of other adverbs of frequency in this sentence. Register in under one minute and get your own agony aunt column - recommended! female she blacks out at the drop of a dime. I'd have to work with him.Please I need some advice. When I’m down on him, I think I married a pansy; a loser; a negative, high-strung, and paranoid basket case. I made you this. -Empowering Parents Editor. with me testing my patients to see how far she can go before. Still have questions? I think it depends on how much you trully love him. I've tried to find some common ground but he is resistant. I feel like I want to be with him forever. female female Except for when I don’t. ? He has gone to university, and I have remained at home in London. Am I kidding myself? female I don’t hate her. I care about him more than I care about anyone else in my life. Add your answer to this question! Negative thoughts enter my mind sometimes. 1.billy you are a jerk 2.well its because your not with him that much if you spent more time with him you shall feel it don't give up on him and stop using pills weirdo and you can go to the same university that he is attending but I'm not so sure your parents will be in to the idea also use yahoo messenger get in touch.