My AC has quit working. My AC has quit working. Pressing the thermal overload reset switch will start the blower motor again. Very helpful and easy understood.Thank you so very much. Our email address is: Steve,, just had a new 3 ton Lennox heat pump and matching air handler installed couple of weeks ago. We would love to have your business! It's not likely to have a positive, a negative or a ground; rather it likely has common, high-speed, and low-speed conductors with a frame ground. A build-up of debris and dirt in the filters, evaporators, or condenser soil can … My capacitor and transformer is also good too. I will turn it off for several hours and the tur it back on and it works for several hours then it starts going on and off every 5 – 20 seconds. If the compressor is running, but the fan motor is not running, the fan motor or the fan motor capacitor are likely at fault. Very good filters, Your email address will not be published. Air handler blower inoperative [ 1 Answers ] Hello,I have a heil furnace.the blower motor in the air handler is not working.I have checked for power to the motor,and believe I have no power to it.I checked for power from the cutoff switch to the relay and have power to the relay,but no power from the relay to the motor. Most AC systems are designed to work within a large range of temperature variants and environments, however due to numerous causes, the air conditioner is still prone to overheating. All of this was fixed and the outdoor unit seems to be working great and the lines coming in are cold. My question is why does my blower work for a few hours and then start tur ing on and off? I have also noticed that the outside temperature display, on the dash, does not work and the heated seats have quit working. I hope this helps. In air conditioning mode, check the indoor unit for ice around the evaporator coil and refrigerant lines. We have processed over 25,000 Successful PayPal Orders! First and most important, Please make sure your electrical power is turned off before trying to repair or inspect any type of electrical appliance. Our email address is: We have two really good YouTube Videos below that show how to troubleshoot your furnace or air handler if the furnace blower motor will not turn on. Usually, the black high-speed wire is used in air conditioning and maybe this high-speed winding on your blower motor burnt out. If you still have the owners manual, this part number can sometimes be included in the manual for convenience. Hello, I have a blower motor that will not come on when the AC switch is turned on, but if I go out and throw the main breaker in the CB Box it will come on. I read somewhere the blower had a 4 min count down before turning on again. If you are not getting 24 volts between these two wires then you have a thermostat problem or a thermostat wire problem. See FAN... No electrical power to the fan or its controls - check for a blown fuse or heating or cooling switch set to off. So bought a new one but genteq instead of trane. If you have 120 volts on the primary and 24 volts on the secondary in one transformer and not the other it seems like the transformer might be at fault if there is a load applied on both units. Some HVAC service companies use a foaming cleaner for removing debris from an evaporator coil. I have never heard of a thermostat that controls the off time on the blower. Required fields are marked *. The blower motor plays an extremely important role in forced-air systems. When the unit is in the cooling mode, the draft is not so undesirable, but it wastes energy. My air handler and heat pump were installed in 2006 and work great. Need help, any idea? DonL Jack of all trades Master of one. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. The blower motor is the component responsible for pushing air through the vents of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems. This is more common in older air conditioning units and those that are operating in a dusty or poor quality air environment and have not been regularly serviced or maintained. Some equipment still use belt driven motors. Your email address will not be published. Steve. I would recommend that you purchase a Volt Ohm meter tester for some of the troubleshooting procedures listed in this section. You should be able to find this relay or sequencer by tracing the blower motor wires back to the relay or sequencer. If the relay board isn’t working properly, the fan might not run. We have UPS Ground, Next Day Air Saver, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select and UPS Sure Post shipping options in our shopping cart. Carrier / Bryant HC39AE206 Air Conditioner Blower Motor. You would probably need a new control board if the relay on the control board is welded closed. I hope this can help others with a similar problem. 012725-33 Taylor Compressor Contactor 3 Pole New Part. I have 120V incoming power to the motor too. thanks doug f. Hi Doug! K55HXSTP-7621 Emerson air Handler Blower Motor in good working conditions. If the thermostat does not have continuity, replace it. Rotated all the PDC relays around, they have the same ID, other than ABS pump. The blower motor is the component responsible for pushing air through the vents of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems. If you have a belt driven blower motor fan and the fan is not blowing any air through the vents, then it is possible that the belt may have become worn over time, moved out of place or become damaged. A blower motor without power will not be able to produce any air pressure, and as a result the heating and air conditioning system will be left with no air coming from the vents. Check for a dirty air handler blower fan. Blower will no running on neither auto or fan. Required fields are marked *, Carrier Products and Service Parts Information. Some air conditioner units are fitted with an overload reset switch as well, if your AC unit is fitted with one of these switches and it was tripped by overheating, then simply pressing the reset switch will start your unit working again. When the fan is not working properly, you won’t feel air coming out of your vents, and the air conditioner coils will end up freezing over. In some cases, this is not as serious a problem as it may seem and you can try the following causes and solutions to see if you can get it working again. After checking the breakers, thermostat and overflow shut off (did not have one) I saw something about a blower motor capacitor. When the air handler blower of an air conditioning unit continues to run, it indicates a problem that needs to be resolved. An HVAC blower motor replacement costs an average of $450 but anywhere from $150 to $2,000 to replace. What i don’t understand was, when I move the transformer from unit #1 and connect to unit #2 I have a 24 volts coming out.
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