I will also take a few props with me to work with in the landscape. It depends what series of images I am working on at the time. We still offer the use of current DSLR Canon cameras to our clients and now we have support from Canon New Zealand and Rochelle Mora. This was the taken the day after our Nov 2019 Japan Photography Tour finished. So I became a photographer without really knowing about the history of photography or the art of photography. She learnt her craft through thirty-five years of continual practice, working within the photographic … At the start I had the equivalent of a simple point and shoot camera without much control of exposure or lens choice. Education. The winning prize was a Professional Canon DSLR Kit. We learn and in some ways we steal ideas from each other. My travel kit is a little lighter (highlighted in Bold). Form: Form is the shape(s) of the object(s) which creates the main bulk of the image – think of it in a similar way … Time has moved on and now there are many other company’s running photography workshops . On the horizon for Jackie is more time to keep learning and experimenting with new techniques while referencing he old. For award-winning landscape photographer Jackie Ranken what matters most is expressing herself through her photography. You are a Canon Master and have been for some time now, what has been your favourite part of that journey? Just the other day a senior member of a regional photography group rang us to congratulate us for up skilling many of the members in his club. Winning the 2002 Canon AIPP Photographer of the Year has been one of the highlights because it came at a time when I was transitioning from shooting film to shooting digital. The printed image is my favourite way of experiencing photography. You are a multi award winner for your photography, is there one in particular that stands out to you? It’s been great having a company that has been prepared to back our business and our photography and likewise Mike and myself are there to help Canon too. We feel that we have a knack for teaching and as we teach we continue to learn. Fine Art Inspiration. About the author: Jackie Ranken is an Australian born, multi-award winning landscape/art photographer who has lived in New Zealand since 2004. Guest Artist: Jackie Ranken Jackie is a photographer, artist and teacher living in Twizel, New Zealand. Three weeks later I had my first weekend job photographing the local Greyhound dog races. Today in photography we had a visit from a well know photographer, her name is Dafna Talmor. Jackie is a landscape art photographer with a passion for what she calls multi-layered narratives via in-camera multiple exposures and intentional movement. So why not reference those that we appropriate from and celebrate the ongoing cycle of learning. She has over thirty five years’ experience within the visual arts … What a privilege that she shared her project … She showed some of the amazing pieces of art and photographs that she has created … We all have a dream? So what book’s do you currently own by woman photographers? Posted in Articles on Thursday, March 08 2018. Later I became familiar with the work of those who had come before me, like, WA photographer Richard Woldendorp (he photographed mainly in colour). I had an experience where I was sitting beside the waters edge and a penguin jumped out of the water beside me a waddled off down the shoreline. She has over 30 years photography experience and started her long career by capturing greyhounds at the local race track at just 16yrs old. Shooting late in the day made the landscape look more interesting because the low angle of light enhanced the contours and made the shadows more expressive. After three weekends training I had to get it right on my own. I would also recommend that as soon as you start to think about being a Commercial Photographer think about joining the professional photographic organizations like AIPP or NZIPP. Some of our clients had a day … You have travelled to some unbelievable places in the world, and we can only image that you have experienced some incredible things. I am a photographer/artist/teacher living in New Zealand. Photographers: Janine Dawes, Jenny Fantini, Kelsey Brown, Des Tramoundanis, Louise Jameson and Dan White with Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford of Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography. He also did what I personally call “micro landscape photography” … May 31, 2012 - Explore Creative Asia's board "Jackie Ranken" on Pinterest. We think that we have an all round winning situation. Jackie Ranken is a stand out Landscape photographer that grew up in Australia and eventually move to New Zealand with her husband, whom she is the co-director with for the Queenstown Centre for Creative Arts. Stewart was a visionary and he helped Mike and myself create our ‘”Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography Workshops” where people could learn to use the early Canon DSLR cameras. That has to be a dream job, especially now that many of our past clients are wanting to come with us on our international travel workshops to places like Tibet, Antarctica and Japan. In recent year there has been an explosion in the amount of aerial images out there. Be prepared to be a photographer for a life time and never stop learning. The experience of being ‘on top of the planet’ in Tibet, with the air so thin and the sky is so blue, felt heavenly. I think that this is of prime importance. Feb 7, 2019 - JACKIE RANKEN Landscape Art Photographer Queenstown New Zealand. In fact many of the Canon team have become our friends. Jan 18, 2013 - Jackie Ranken - http://www.jackieranken.co.nz/ Photography Techniques. “The [Abstract category winning] image was an in-camera multiple exposure, using five frames on my Canon EOS R,” said Jackie. See more ideas about Abstract photography, Photography, Graphic design inspiration. One with a long lens and one with a wide angle. I am very lucky to have travelled to many exotic places. Correct focus, exposure, panning and correct framing of the shot were what was required. However, the … I learnt my craft through thirty-five years of continual practice – working within the photographic industry as a sports photographer, wedding photographer, commercial photographer … As photographers we don’t live in isolation. Understanding that ‘Aerial Abstract’ was what highlighted your ability to shoot landscape, did you have any inspiration for the series?
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