Siena, once a proud and independent city-state, retains its confidence and unique traditions. Slowly, they gouged U-shaped valleys that later filled with water, creating the defining feature of Norway's landscape: fjords. Get inspired with Rick Steves’ recommended places to go and things to do, with tips, photos, videos, and travel information on Norway. This Halloween Season, Covid Is Everywhere, but Federal Pandemic Relief Cash Flowed Mostly to Big Cities, 'It Felt Like They Were Doomed': Inside L.A.'s Besieged ICUs, Thanksgiving Surge Begins; O.C. Covering the best of the former Yugoslavia, we dedicate episodes to Slovenia and Croatia, then venture from Dubrovnik into Bosnia-Herzegovina and Mo… Well, look no further. Traveling across Germany, we learn how fascism rose and then fell, taking millions of people with it. We start in Jerusalem, alive with religious tradition and passion - Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. While California recovers from the worst drought in state history, a myriad of impacts resulting from climate change threaten Southern California's imported water supply. Get swept away by the city built on water. Is it just hedonism...or something more powerful? 73 $23.99 $23.99. From the port of Kusadasi, we wander the streets of ancient Ephesus, soak in a natural spa at Pamukkale, learn why the dervishes whirl at Konya, munch lunch in a Turkish pizzeria, and cruise the Mediterranean on a traditional Turkish gulet from Antalya. With Rick Steves, Madhur Jaffrey. Looking for something to watch during the holidays? After an unforgettable hike, we catch our breath in Europe's largest high-altitude meadow, then enjoy some more alpine folk music. Europe's best-preserved 17th-century city, Amsterdam is quaint and jarring, traditional and modern. ", Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains and Bergen, Huell Visits the Iconic Crossroads of the World on Sunset Boulevard, Viola Davis Sings the Blues in 'Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom' at the Virtual KCET Cinema Series on December 18th, 37 Winter Programs You Can Watch Right Now (No Membership Required), How Viver Brasil Empowers Black Bodies and Brought Afro-Brazilian Dance to Disney, 5 Indigenous Stories to Help Us Reckon with the Past and Honor Native Peoples, The New West and the Politics of the Environment, Mapping Power and Strategy for Conservation Victories: An Interview with Kai Anderson, Reclaiming, Restoring and Preserving Indigenous Relationships, S3 E4: Cultivating Native Foodways with the Cultural Conservancy, Six SoCal Holiday Lights Drive-Thrus and Drive-Bys for 2020, Where to Explore 5 of L.A.’s Great Footbridges, 13 SoCal Open-Air Adventures That Are Off the Beaten Path, Where to Find Frightful Family Fun in L.A. and O.C. Home-basing in Amboise, we visit four unique castles: elegant Chenonceau, massive Chambord, stately Cheverny, and fragrant Villandry. looks at the growing global hunger crisis amid the pandemic, the climate crisis and war. Later, Meryl expands her matchmaking business by hosting a speed-dating event, and Penny makes a mistake that almost jeopardizes a patient's life. "City Rising" illuminates the journey of California's neighborhoods advocating for responsible development. Kathleen, you can watch those shows right now! After sorting through the monuments of Venice's powerful past, we trace its decline from Europe's most powerful city to its most hedonistic one. The "Norway in a Nutshell" tour, which Steves recommends in the episode, takes visitors from steep mountains down to the fjords and back -- by way of train, boat, and bus -- stopping at the area's most scenic sights. Becoming as anonymous as possible in this city of masks, we'll be dazzled by masterpieces of the Venetian Renaissance and get intimate with the city of Casanova...on a gondola under the moonlight. Norway Travel Guide by Rick Steves For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, see our FAQ . After a lifetime of exploring Europe - and inspiring Americans to see Europe as the springboard for world exploration - Rick Steves shares his reasons why. Exploring Italy's most remote and romantic stretch of Riviera, we visit five tiny port towns: dramatic Vernazza, surrounded by vineyards; reclusive Corniglia, high on its bluff; pastel Manarola; hardscrabble Riomaggiore; and the pint-sized resort of Monterosso. For centuries, it was nicknamed La Serenissima, "The Most Serenely Beautiful One"-and for good reason. December 11, 2020 – PBS NewsHour Full Episode. The 11 half-hour episodes in this season of Rick Steves' Europe include four on Spain, three on the former Yugoslavia, and four covering Nordic Europe. Teeming Cairo, straddling the Nile, is the capital of Egypt and one of the leading cities of the Muslim world. We'll be there for 2-2.5 weeks. Join Rick Steves for a colorful, musical celebration of Christmas across Europe. Rick Steves' Europe Episode not available for streaming at this time. Slowly, they gouged U-shaped valleys that later filled with water, creating the defining feature of Norway's landscape: fjords. Turkey is a mighty nation whose ancient heritage, Muslim faith, and western ways are coming together...and we'll see how. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... From $1.99 $ 1. Then we enjoy the modern capital, Ankara, and pay our respects to the father of modern Turkey, Ataturk. And we hike the Tour du Mont Blanc - the trail that circles that iconic mountain. Shot on location in Amsterdam, Germany's Rhineland, Venice, Siena, the Italian Riviera, the Swiss Alps, Paris, and London, these episodes cover Rick's favorite 3,000-mile European loop while providing viewers with essential travel skills. Rick Steves' Europe is public television's most-watched, longest-running travel series. My family and I are going to Norway in July of 2021. (2½ min). Create custom playlists with more than 400 educational clips featuring the best of European history, art, culture, and experiences (plus topics beyond Europe) . After exploring the proud cuisine capital of Lyon - which, at least in its own mind, rivals Paris - we head for Chamonix, in the shadow of Europe's tallest peak: Mont Blanc. Rugged is putting it mildly when it comes to 80 percent of Norway. We need a little Christmas! Norway. Episode List. In Scandinavia, it's associated with the Viking goddess of love. In Spain, episodes include Córdoba & Granada, Andalucía with Gibraltar and Tangier, Basque Country, and Galicia (northwest Spain, the Camino de Santiago, and the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona). We experience its massive castle, beloved statue-lined bridge, evocative Jewish Quarter, and thrilling 20th-century history while enjoying its infectious love of music and perhaps the best beer in Europe. Hiking through the Cumbrian Lake District-England's green and pristine mountain playground-we admire idyllic lakes, discover misty waterfalls, tour a slate mine, and conquer stony summits. Rick Steves, America's leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to the continent's bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countryside. All the full length Rick Steves Europe PBS Episodes that I could find. Don't miss out on's events, stories, breaking news, shows, and new recipes. S6, Ep9. Rick Steves' Europe Egypt’s Nile, Alexandria, and Luxor. Meet a group of Baltimore citizens, police and government officials as they cope with the consequences of three years of unparalleled violence. With its beautiful globe-topped tower, Los Angeles' first outdoor shopping mall was originally designed as an international shopping center. Learning from Germany's fascist story, we can recognize that hateful ideology as well as the tricks of wannabe dictators in our own age. Verona is a hit with aficionados of Roman ruins and Romeo and Juliet fans. And we'll meet the locals-and their beloved dogs and sheep-everywhere. Looking for outdoor options beyond your local park or playground? The Cultural Conservancy, an inter-tribal organization, is revitalizing indigenous knowledge by inviting people to re-engage with the land, honor heirloom seeds, grow clean food and medicines, and decolonizing their foodways. After throwing his back out doing farm work, Hugh is forced to perform his surgical duties from a gurney. Rick Steves TV Episodes. episode. Along with sampling the sumptuous art treasures of Venice and exploring its back-street wonders, we cruise its lagoon, stopping in fiery Murano for glass, pastel Burano for lace, and murky Torcello for a sense of where Venice was born. Then we cross the Alps into Italy and tour a uniquely well-preserved medieval castle before joyriding deep into the rugged Dolomite Mountains. Here’s a guide to going off the beaten path with some of the best open-air attractions SoCal has to offer. The last episode in this three-part mini-series distills Rick Steves' 30 years of travel experience into 30 minutes of practical advice on how to have a fun, affordable, and culturally broadening trip to Europe. By train, bike, and boat, we visit the top Dutch sights outside of Amsterdam: from Haarlem to Rotterdam, and from Delft to the Zuiderzee. Start a New Topic. Viver Brasil expands the circle of Afro-Brazilian dance and perception of samba beyond feathered headdresses, bikinis and heels, empowering Black bodies and narratives in the process. With COVID-19 hospitalizations at a high, Orange County hospitals were being directed today to implement surge plans and cancel elective surgeries in response to a “crisis” situation that could cause the emergency medical system to “collapse.”. From manger scenes and mistletoe to wintry wonderlands, RICK STEVES' EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS celebrates the Christmas season throughout the European continent. Video: Watch Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains, and Bergen — an episode of the Rick Steves' Europe TV show. My Account. Haul out the holly and fill up the stockings. And Ravenna, with its shimmering mosaics, was once the western bastion of the Byzantine Empire. Here are a few programs and articles we recommend to help center your Thanksgiving celebration on honoring and amplifying Native stories, seeking truth about our history, and acknowledging Indigenous presence and wisdom. This special episode is a sonnet to travel - an introspective love story, set in Europe, that vividly celebrates the rewards of exploring our world and the joy that awaits those who travel. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is the best-preserved Baroque city in Central Europe. Padua is famed for its venerable university, precious Giotto frescoes, and pilgrim-packed Basilica. In the fabled city of Alexandria, we venture through a market wonderland, smoke a shisha, and stroll a Mediterranean promenade. It's threatening to push Southern California's entire health care system to the breaking point. Then he heads into wine country for a little dolce vita under the Tuscan sun. Why We Travel. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, This season features the Austrian, Italian, Swiss, and French Alps, two episodes on … Rick starts in Jerusalem, alive with religious tradition and passion. Chat about your favorite shows. But today, if you explore the west of Norway--with its majestic mountains and fjords--you'll find plenty of reason not to leave ... but to visit. Then we play a little cricket, hike Hadrian's Wall, and are dazzled by Durham's Norman cathedral. With 20 million people, greater Cairo pulses with energy. Rick enjoys a front-row seat at its wild horse race - the venerable Palio - and marvel at cultural treasures from the days when Siena rivaled Florence for leadership of Tuscany. He walks us through a map he created of Sen. Harry Reid's major environmental campaigns. In Norway, as in the rest of Europe, pagan symbols - like the evergreen tree - survive disguised as Christmas traditions. Then we kick back on a riverboat cruise, enjoying iconic views of palm trees, minarets, and rustic villages. Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains and Bergen ... Rick Steves' Europe. Halloween 2020 is not canceled. Experience the spectacular Sognefjord in person on our Best of Scandinavia tour! With the classic alpine resort as our springboard, we make some high-altitude cheese, then ride the lift up to Aiguille du Midi and over to the border of Italy. We'll also pay our respects at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, drop into an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, and savor the local cuisine. After a lifetime of exploring Europe - and inspiring Americans to see Europe as the springboard for world exploration - Rick Steves shares his reasons why. From manger scenes and mistletoe to wintry wonderlands, RICK STEVES' EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS celebrates the Christmas season throughout the European continent. rick steves norway. Join Rick as he experiences the local culture, cuisine, and fun along with some powerful lessons that only travel can teach. We explore the back streets on a tuk-tuk, drop in on a mosque, haggle with a gauntlet of eager merchants, bake some pita bread, help chisel a tombstone, marvel at King Tut's gold, greet the ancient Sphinx, and climb into the center of the greatest pyramid. Learn more about the aftermath of Prop 187’s passage: the legal battle that ensued and the change in the electorate in the years after. Terms of Service | Privacy, Sognefjord, Norway: Boating Through the Fjords. To create Classroom Europe, Rick reviewed 120 of his full-length episodes of Rick Steves’ Europe and Become a subscriber to keep reading and gain access to 1000s of articles! The second episode in this three-part mini-series distills Rick Steves' 30 years of travel experience into 30 minutes of practical advice on how to have a fun, affordable, and culturally broadening trip to Europe. We marvel at the fascinating landscape of Cappadocia from high above in a balloon...and from deep below, prowling an underground city where Christians once hid out. In the Alps of Austria and Italy, we celebrate both nature and culture. Exploring the Nile Valley from north to south, we see the highlights of Egypt. He did a 1-hour and a 2-hour pledge special; the 2-hour show has complete episodes for the three cities. Just go here to watch the new season of shows.. And go here to watch the three Travel Skills episodes. Travel with Rick on this video guide to Oslo, Norway, and find out what to do on your next trip. We explore the totalitarian society Hitler built, and see the consequences: genocide and total war. Get ready for the open house tour of a lifetime as Rick Steves guides us through this French region's most evocative castles and palaces. 4. Glaciers spent eons carving up western Norway as they worked their way to the sea. Whether it’s established attractions or inaugural events that might become future Halloween standbys, here are five great ways to scare up some extra spooks this October. Our souvenir: A vivid appreciation of how ending hunger is possible - and how smart and modern development aid is the key. From the Matterhorn to the Jungfrau to Appenzell, we savor both the country's jaw-dropping alpine beauty and the rich and resilient culture of its people. Here’s where to find five of L.A.’s most scenic bridge crossings — and why they’re fascinating destinations in their own right. Email: Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains and Bergen For Scandinavia's most thrilling sightseeing, we sail under towering fjord cliffs, hike on powerful glaciers, and find surviving traditions in remote farm hamlets. PBS Wisconsin Dutch! We'll also learn about walls, Israeli settlements, and the challenges facing this region. See how different organizations came together in a concerted effort against Proposition 187 — from the unions to young organizers. PBS SoCal and KCET are collaborating with KPCC and LAist to bring you a daily reporter roundup discussing the latest regional news about COVID-19. Learn more about the role artists had in helping spread the message. Experience the spectacular Sognefjord in person on our Best of Scandinavia tour! In the shadow of Venice, we visit three great cities. Be there: Join us for the Best of Scandinavia tour. As scientists test avian aptitude with brainteasers, discover how the genius of birds is leading us to rethink our basic notions of intelligence. Founded in 1787, it is still the functioning parish church in the San Juan Valley. Be sure to mention the name of the episode so that others can follow along and join the conversation. Season 11 of Rick Steves' Europe debuts this October and features eight all-new episodes. Start a … Rick Steves breaks down the Venetian must-do's. Our finale: Ramesses II's magnificent temple at Abu Simbel. In the special, Rick visits friends and families in England, France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy to reveal their customs and practices of the holiday season. Take a funicular to the top of Bergen Travel with Rick on this video guide to Norway and find out what to do on your next trip. Venturing beyond Europe, and with local experts as his guides, Rick uses Ethiopia as a classroom for understanding global hunger and extreme poverty - and how to beat it. "Tending Nature" shines a light on the environmental knowledge of indigenous peoples across California by exploring how the state's Native peoples have actively shaped and tended the land for millennia. With Rick Steves, Andreas Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr, Holger Zimmer. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Norway; Please sign in to post. We enliven each stop with a tasty dose of Italian dolce vita. Rick Steves celebrates the Christmas season throughout the European continent, exploring holiday customs and practices in England, France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
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