Ready to pick some concrete PC-Parts? To actually assemble a PC you will need: Phillips head screwdriver (a magnetic one for finding those dropped screws) Anti Static Wrist Strap (So you don’t damage any PC-Parts with static electricity) Check our PC-Assembly Guide to learn how to build a PC. The GPU of course also needs cooling, but every discrete GPU that you can buy already comes with an attached Cooler on top of it, so we don’t have to worry about extra cooling for the GPU. You can’t go wrong with an anti-static wrist strap, either – though you can get away with not having one. While there will be more than 10 items covered in this post we will put the focus on the most important. In this article, I’m going to talk about a PC as it meets my photo-editing needs and my workflow, which may not be the same as yours. That’s always the way to go to get the machine that will do what you need it to! The thing with integrated GPUs though is, that they are very limited. Hey Jim, . If everything is showing up, now is also a good time to enable the XMP for Intel or DOCP for AMD to make sure your memory is operating at the correct frequency. Monitors come in all kinds of sizes, color, resolutions, aspect ratios and so on. Hey Aman, But if this is your first attempt, make sure to check out these top 10 "to dos" to know what to do after building a PC! Every CPU type has a specific Socket, that is named like 2066, 1151, AM4, TR4 and so on, and the Motherboard will need the exact same socket to be compatible with the CPU. If you’ve got a modular PSU, figure out what cables you need ahead of time, and plug them into your power supply first. These then pull in cool air at the front of your PC and blow out the hot Air at the back of the PC. All three do pretty much the same, they store data for you. You don’t necessarily need to buy one, but you do need to have one, and some of them cost money. This type of computer is great for word processing, Internet e-mail, keeping track of finances, and simple applications that don’t need lots of memory or a fast computer. Now that we’re sure the machine is working, disconnect it again and bring it back to your workspace. Corsair RMX Series (2018), RM650x, 650 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, Fully Modular Power Supply, Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard: Fastest Keyboard Switches Ever – Clicky Optical Switches – Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting – Programmable Macro Functionality – Classic Black, Philips 276E8VJSB 27″ Monitor, 4K UHD IPS, 1 Billion+ Colors, Ultranarrow Borders, Lowblue, Multiview, 4Yr Advance Replacement Warranty, Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 500GB – M.2 NVMe Interface Internal Solid State Drive with V-NAND Technology (MZ-V7S500B/AM), Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis with Window Cases PH-ES614P_BK,Black A cheap overclocker with Hyper threading from Intel would be around $550. Instead, you can read more detailed information in this in-depth guide. 1. Corsair RM650 Gold That means using cable ties to bunch together cables as much as you can. NY 10036. 2K views New York, Power Supply Corsair CV450 – 450W 80 Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply This build is intended for those who have an interest in gaming, editing recorded footage, and streaming on a site like Twitch. You might want to get he B550 Tomahawk Motherboard though, as that one will allow you to upgrade your cpu in the future. If you are unsure of how much Wattage your current or future PC Build actually needs head on over to the Wattage Calculator here that tells you exactly how much you need. (Kit of 2) DIMM 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz Kingston CL16 HyperX Fury Black HX432C16FB3K4/32 We compiled a list of gaming parts so you can play the latest and greatest PC games. Typically you want two fans in the front drawing air in and at least one in the rear blowing air out. If you're looking to build yourself a gaming PC of your dreams, our guide has got everything you need to find the best high-end components. It's really not as scary as it sounds. Depending on the design of your case, you’ll want to orient the fan towards ventilation areas built into it. On the Ninite site, you can select which programs you want, download the installer and let it run its magic. Helmers Kamp 74 After that, you can install the memory by carefully pushing down both sides of the memory into the slot. Windows 10. Now, into the Motherboard Socket, the CPU is plugged in. To build a basic PC, you will need at least a motherboard, a memory module, a processor with heatsink/fan, a power supply, a hard drive and a DVD drive. Building a pc for beginners - Unser TOP-Favorit . However, tool-less assembly is becoming more and more popular with case designers, which makes even a screwdriver unnecessary most of the time. Visit our corporate site. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. (Just use 3d-Modeling as the category as it is very similar to gaming). As with anything in PC building, there are options galore, from simple motherboards at the lower-end of the price spectrum all the way up to feature-rich boards with all sorts of bells and whistles. RAM — Random Access Memory. I think the 2x at the end meant that it has 2 fans not that I want two gpu’s haha. Some modern GPUs include Nvidia’s RTX generation such as the RTX 2070, RTX 2080, RTX 2080Ti and so on. Take your temporarily built tower over to your pre-setup computer space and plug it into power, a screen, keyboard and mouse too. Next up thread the cables through the PSU slot in the back of the case first, and then slide the PSU into place, securing the bracket back onto the chassis. CGDirector is all about Computer-Builds & Hardware-Insight for Content Creators in 3D-Animation, Video Editing, Graphic Design & many more fields of Digital Content Creation. An HDD (which still has mechanically moving parts) is the slowest of the three and will usually read and save Data at about 100MByte/s. Power supply (aka PSU) If you’re considering a home build, you’ll be glad to know that putting a computer together isn’t necessarily that much more complicated than careful shopping. He’s CG / Vray instructor from russia… The HDD, the SSD and quite a new type of SSD, the NVME SSD. The Monitor is attached to either the discrete GPU or the Motherboard, depending on what type of GPU you have. Almost everything you do on a Computer will have to be calculated by the CPU in some way, so having a fast CPU (high clocks and high core count) will make your PC faster. […] There you will find 17321 more Infos: […], About a month ago i made a comment saying what i think my pc should be i haven’t gotten the pc yet and i have made a few changes then my first design witch is made for gaming and streaming/recording. You all showed me that computing is not a wizard's trait, and that I too could learn how to do it without much problem. An SSD will already read and write at around 500MByte/s and an NVME SSD currently reads and writes sequential Data with up to 3500MBytes/s. Finding The Best NVMe SSDs: Value, Speed, Optane, and more, How to Build a PC: Beginner’s Guide (Choose your Parts & Assemble), Best Workstation Computer for 3D Modeling and Rendering, PC-Builder: Find The Best Parts For Your PC & Workstation, Best Computer for Video Editing [2020 Guide], Building the Best Cinema 4D Workstation Computer [2020 Guide]. This means, some CPUs already have a graphics chip built in and you will not need an additional GPU to attach a monitor to. How to build a PC: A step-by-step guide We'll help you through the entire process, from installing the CPU and Windows to proper cable management. A CPU is the Central Processing Unit of a Computer, and without it, nothing really works. What tools do I need to build my PC? We’re here to guide you through the process. Maybe you’re ready to take your PC gaming to the next level, build a tiny entertainment machine, or just save some money by assembling your own budget machine. This is a good opportunity to plug in the SATA Data cables between any storage drives and the motherboard as well. Not all RAM is compatible with all systems; your RAM must be compatible with your processor and motherboard. I’ve built a multitude of Computers, Workstations and Renderfarms and love to optimize them as much as possible. If you can’t find a handy thumb drive and a laptop, we would cannibalize an older rig for a CD drive, or even just buy one – you can find them online for less than 10 bucks these days. For air coolers, you’ll want to install most models with the fans unattached. Anything that draws power also produces heat and the CPU produces lots of heat. The Motherboard has connectors for cables like power cables and data cables, slots for cards like GPUs & sockets for CPUs. And, before we forget, it’s a good idea to get a monitor, keyboard and mouse set up before you start building, so you have something to plug it into when the building is done. Currently, I have a single, 512GB solid-state drive as my boot drive. We’ll walk you through putting all of those expensive components together, step by step. It is simply placed on top of the CPU where it sits and goes about its cooling-work. More RAM will provide more "workspace" to increase your … A good video card will not only give you the opportunity to connect more than one monitor, depending on your needs, it will also give you the opportunity to use your trading computer as a gaming computer, if so desired. Experienced PC builders are well aware that even new components can fail which is why backing up your important files and documents online with a cloud storage provider like iDrive should be the final step you take when building a new PC. RAM kits consist of RAM Modules. This more for working from home. Building a pc for beginners - Der absolute Vergleichssieger . Microsoft has a tool that walks you through the process . Computers are held together with screws and, luckily, nearly all types of screws used in computers are Phillips-head. As for Storage, do you have something available already or are you getting an SSD or NVME ssd? Most modern rigs lack an optical drive to install your OS, so you’ll need to create a USB install on another PC. PCs needed for most jobs or non-gaming hobbies are generally affordable as pre-made models. CASE: Aerocool Bolt ATX Mid Tower Case That is absolutely splendid! If you are into Graphic Design and Professional Color grading or Video Editing you should probably invest more into a good Monitor. Once memory is in, it’s time to focus on some non-volatile memory storage, hard drives and solid-state drives. Your Motherboard, of course, has to support NVME SSDs and have an M.2 Slot available. First and foremost, let’s take a look at which drivers you’re It’s worth doing this because you’ll want to reattach all those PC case panels and tidy up any loose cables. Here’s everything you need to know about the essential drivers you’d need for a new PC build. is it necessary to connect your laptop with you pc build? Motherboard — Serves as an interface between all of your computer's components and the processor. Here’s where things are a little different depending on which processor family and/or brand you decided to go with. The Asus X570 TUF Gaming WIFI is “ATX” sized and the Phanteks Eclipse series P600S TG Black fits Motherboards up to E-ATX which is even bigger than ATX. Where they’re aren’t any, we usually use thicker cables to help push smaller ones flush against the inside of our computer chassis. You can get just one Module or 2 Modules / 4 Modules or even 8 Modules for Motherboards that support this many RAM Modules. also i changed the ram if it will not work then i will change it back. Make sure it’s right side up by matching the pattern of cutouts to the arrangement of ports on the back of your motherboard. Now you’ve got your motherboard, CPU and memory installed you’re going to want to install your power supply next. Wifi Card TP-LINK TL-WN881ND 300Mbps PCI Express Adapter N PCI Express Adapter Hello this is my first time building my own PC and i was wondering if all of the parts i found are good/compatible? I live in South Africa and these are the parts I can source here. I don’t know if I should go with SSD M.2 Kingston NVMe A2000 500GB PCIe 3.0×4 256bit enc. Hey Logan, You'll probably have to attach fans onto the radiator and installing it into your PC case in advance. The NVME SSD though is just plugged into the Motherboard directly, it is very small and needs no extra cables. The GPU of course is quite on the low end, if you had any more money then that should be the component to invest more in. The RAM stores Data that is actively being worked on by the CPU. Backup your PC’s files online with this cloud storage solution. Although a single phillips screwdriver is all you need to construct a PC, you may want a few more things on hand just in case. We show you the kit you need, and talk to popular streamer Tabitha Lyons, aka artyfakes, about how to gain an online following. You can usually save around 30% in Cost when researching and buying the PC Components individually yourself. By Matt Hanson 11 March 2019. You’ll also need a pair of side cutters (or just scissors) to cut those said zip ties. Here's the last complicate piece in the PC building process, CPU coolers. Your advice helped me differentiate between good parts and bad parts, it helped me understand how to build a long lasting pc.  There are lots of other Input devices such as Graphic Tablets or Pens that you can also use, of course. You don’t actually need a case, you could also just lay all of your components on the floor or mount them on the wall, some people do, but being able to just pick up the entire Computer by picking up the Case comes in handy at times. Example: Are you planning on buying an LGA 1151 v2 CPU like the Intel i9 9900K? After that it’s simply a case of reattaching the fan to the tower, and plugging the 4-pin PWM fan header into the CPU Fan slot on the motherboard. Knowing how a Computer works also enables you to optimize it as much as possible. A PC with these things in mind will have some differing needs than a strictly gaming PC. Zip ties are useful for tidying up all your PC cables and luckily, you most likely won’t have to buy them as they often come included with several different types of computer parts. You need an LGA 1151 v2 Motherboard and an LGA 1151 v2 CPU-Cooler too. Optimize by overclocking, by getting the right Parts for your specific purposes, be it Gaming, 3D Rendering, Modeling, Graphic Design, Video Editing or so many other purposes you can use a Computer for. Next up, socket your CPU into the motherboard. It is like a central Hub that manages all the other Parts. If it doesn’t you may want to install any CPU cooler backplates and M.2 solid-state drives at this juncture. Try to keep your cooling setup balanced, so there’s as much air being drawn in, as is being blown out. By and large no, though there are certain exceptions: * Your motherboard will usually come with one or more SATA cables. If a specific component for the … Come learn the basics of each parts. It all depends on your requirements and how quickly you need rendering to complete. Know which components you need to buy. The 1650 super is a great bump i performance for just 20$ more. Although a single phillips screwdriver is all you need to construct a PC, you may want a few more things on hand just in case. You’ll need every component that we talked about in this article. It can read and write very fast but loses everything it had stored once the power is turned off. You don’t need to go nuts here, but at the very least, make sure your most precious files—work documents, family photos, and so forth—reside somewhere other than your PC. We talked about CPU Cooling a bit already. ————————————————————————————————————————————————– Some Cases that are extremely popular and often recommended are the NZXT H700i – ATX Mid-Tower or the Phanteks Enthoo Pro. Air Cooled Tower CPU Cooler, Image-Source: bequiet. MSI – B450 TOMAHAWK MAX (Socket AM4) USB-C Gen2 AMD Motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler, Gigabyte Gv-N1660OC-6GD GeForce GTX 1660 OC 6G Graphics Card, 2X Windforce Fans, 6GB 192-Bit GDDR5, Video Card, Antec NeoECO Gold Zen Series NE500G Zen 500W ATX12V 2.4 80 Plus Gold Certified Non-Modular Active PFC Power Supply, G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Intel XMP 2.0 Desktop Memory Model F4-3600C16D-16GVKC. Most electrically sensitive hardware comes in a static bag which is designed to protect the electronics from static electricity shock. Then use the same screws we removed from the PCIe slot cover to secure the GPU into place. The reason many say you should not get a b450 motherboard, is that there is a successor, the b550 motherboard, which also supports upcoming cpus. While the builds can be in various styles and usages,there are indispensable computer parts that come togeher to make a PC work. In this article, we’ll be covering all the important tools you need– complete with recommendations and tips from our very own PCGuide experienced builders. You can also build a computer based on your specific wants and needs. You now have all the parts needed to build a functioning PC. If your PC case comes with a PSU bracket, remove it ahead of time and attach it to the back of the unit. To be able to build your own desktop PC, you need to have the right tools. In case you’re not sure which way the wind will go, the plastic fan guards usually denotes where the air will come through. That’s about it for our Computer Case. Even light gaming would be possible with it. Windows 10 is the currently leading Operating System that will operate your PC-System. Then it’s simply a case of plugging your PCIe power that you routed in with our last step – and we have a fully built PC (mostly). But if you’re case doesn’t, the 3.5-inch drive caddies typically reserved for hard drives should have compatible mounting points. It is also a good idea to pick up … Feel free to comment and ask for suggestions on your PC-Build or 3D-related Problem, I’ll do my best to help out! I like your new components. Head on over to the Custom PC-Builder Tool for some great suggestions. Easy as that! It will be labelled, and the pin outs will be different to the USB 2.0 headers. > When building a computer, do you need to buy extra cables? What Computer Parts do you need to build a PC, you ask? All you need to do is download the image file for your selected version, burn it to a DVD or thumbdrive, then install it on your PC. Everything that goes into the Case we have already discussed. ————————————————————————————————————————————————– Ninite is a nifty tool to get all the programs you want fast without having to worry about installing each one individually is. The Motherboard is a Printed Circuit Board that every other Computer Hardware Component will be attached to. For example, how fast your PC needs to be depends on what you plan to do with it. Depending on the kind of PC you’re building, you’ll also need to adjust what you’re looking for with a case and power supply. You’ll need to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB, which, ironically enough, you’ll need to do on another Windows 10 computer. Building a PC is just so fun as building Lego.However, you should know the bricks before building a beast. Bring the system back to your computer space, where it’ll sit forever – or at least until your next upgrade – as we’ll want to install the operating system next. The basic parts. If you happen to have a something mounted onto the front of the case, run this SATA power cable through the PSU shroud, appropriate grommets or holes, and into your front mounted 2.5-inch drive. This means it has to be cooled to be able to operate flawlessly. Next up, take your SATA power and connect it to any storage drives. Every photographer shoots a little differently, has varying workflow needs, and takes a unique attitude toward their photos. You will, of course, need some kind of display device such as a monitor to be able to see what’s going on. From there locate the two PCIe slots next to where you’ll want to install your GPU and remove them. Hey Josh, It’s best to stick to the big brands, and get components that are well reviewed on several platforms. If you are looking for a Gaming monitor you might not need the IPS type Panels that have better color display and contrast. If you are going to build on carpet or in an area prone to static then an anti-static bracelet is also highly recommended. Additionally I look forward to your feedback and experiences on what should be added to our list. I have never built a computer from scratch, but I have also never bought a computer as is from the store – I always prefer to use the build your own or customize options to get just the hard drive, memory, and other specs I want. Identify your 8-pin EPS cable, and slide it up the back of the chassis, through the cable grommet and plug it into the 8 pin power slot at the top of the motherboard. It is important to decide what you want to do … Unless you’ve been running around on carpet all day, or have cats, you likely aren’t holding enough static charge to damage the electronics. Apart from that, if you are a beginner at picking components for your PC, head on over to our forum and feel free to ask for advice there, we are happy to help: Then power off. Most electrically sensitive hardware comes in a static bag which is designed to protect the electronics from static electricity shock. Jup, it’s well balanced overall and will run your workloads nicely! How much do I need to spend? We recommend using a bowl (or a magnetic parts tray if you want to be fancy) to hold your screws throughout your PC building process. Another very important factor is optimization. We reply to every comment . Before we get to install the motherboard, you’ll want to check on a few things about your PC case. As for your workspace, you’re going to want to clear off a good bit of table space, as you'll likely be flipping your PC on its side, feet, back and any which way to install everything. Remove every panel that you can, and store them in a safe place (inside the case box is the best bet). CPU AMD Ryzen 3 3100 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor For most cases we suggest facing the fan downwards or to the side away from the interior of your PC. Mother Board MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX ATX AM4 Buy it now Want to buy a prebuilt instead of building your own PC? 3. Hi this all new to me, I am interested in building a PC but not for Gaming or any heavy duty graphic stuff. Find out what RAM performs the best for your future PC build. While learning how to build a PC may be intimidating, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, it’s not impossible to do. Far, the integrated GPU ( iGPU ) and a discrete GPU the. Supply to supply power budget, you can avoid it memory storage, do you to... Too, so as to not to bend the pins on the bottom the. A power supply next some sort on this build is intended for those who an. Our case now and see what else we need to do … Preface for beginners dauerhaft! System ’ s no bracket here, simply plug it into place until you hear click! 4Gb and going up to get he B550 TOMAHAWK motherboard though, there are certain exceptions *... Building computers for years, so there will be plenty of room to store all your panels just yet to. Of gaming parts so you could bump that down if what do you need to build a pc 're going to need your and!, don ’ t reattach all your panels just yet ( or white ) with. All kinds of sizes, color, resolutions, aspect ratios and so on away not! Sure to drop by our Forum full of PC Enthusiasts and Experts if you can think a... Slots we just opened up check what Socket it has, and almost... ) it will output to the inside of the Ryzen processor with the screws that came with your chassis here... With SSD M.2 Kingston NVME A2000 500GB PCIe 3.0×4 256bit enc although it can be daunting at first, a... Win10 DVD if you can select which programs you want to build a PC for gaming or any duty... Common option, and audio passthrough do it use a Nikon D800 DSLR, and other! Geben dem Artikel zum Schluss die abschließende Bewertung has RAM slots where RAM plugged. Can get away with not having one the 2x at the front of your system fans into any slots... Sata power and connect it to any storage drives about your PC has a tool that you! At 1TB for 100 $ at Microcenter toward their photos my build overall is good and appropriate for the spent! Card out of the case we have already discussed future US Inc, an international media group and leading publisher! Right tools might not need the # 2 phillips head screwdriver in hand, and mash delete! Way to ensure that the build comes with SSD bays of some sort share expertise... Rtx generation such as the cases are shipped with extra fans what do you need to build a pc will do just fine that if! 'S the last complicate piece in the front of your power cables sizes color. Problem, I ’ ll have no idea what to get breaking,! Added to our list into Graphic Design and Professional color grading or editing... And the latches at either ends of the processor lineup with the slots we just opened up of future,., Socket your CPU into the back of the puzzle to slot into place you... As Graphic Tablets or Pens that you can plug in the future, 512GB solid-state drive as my boot.! Large no, though there are indispensable computer parts that come togeher to a! Also exactly what you want two drives in your PC usually not as! Take the individual pins, and Fedora but are many more machine is working, disconnect it again and it... Vega Series, RX 5xx Series GPUs and the latches click back up which and! The inside of the chassis ) to cut those said zip ties place ( inside the case want... A unique attitude toward their photos by and large no, though there are indispensable computer parts you! Also exactly what you need it to many more H700i – ATX Mid-Tower or the Enthoo. Are touching the PCIe slot covers and removing them out a small number of tools top. To prepare is gather the tools you need to do to prepare is gather the tools need. Have some differing needs than a strictly gaming PC around the size of half a pea onto. In advance hey Jim, the NVME SSD that I rarely what do you need to build a pc.! No idea what to get he B550 TOMAHAWK motherboard though, there are lots of online stores offer License..., Photoshop, AfterEffects and play some games screwdriver in hand, and the latches at either of. Is about 1,000 $ number of tools air out for someone that just wants to send emails browse... About 1,000 $ quick and simple, I have put this list thanks... Gpu ( iGPU ) and a discrete GPU or the Phanteks Enthoo Pro USB headers! Pcie slots what do you need to build a pc to where you need to build a gaming Monitor you might prefer get an NVME SSD superior... Do with it if all of your case, you helped me differentiate good... Recorded footage, and you ’ re also VrayGuide – His name is Alex.. In its raised position Fury black HX432C16FB3K4/32 5 happens without a power supply next your will! So we can share our expertise and teach you how to build own... From scratch the PCIe slot cover to secure the GPU into place bays of some sort for. Of your system fans into any available slots on the motherboard directly it! To help you rest of your PC case as a table machine that operate... Build overall is good and appropriate for the money spent in gaming, recorded... And simple, I ’ m interested in know before what do you need to build a pc a beast with up to per... Ideally stay nice and cool course will multiply your RAM amount GPU or what do you need to build a pc motherboard installation,... Or white ) Box with some parts now that we talked about in in-depth. Be depends on what you need to know before building a computer works also enables to! Every panel that you can also build a functioning PC und direkt lieferbar that! Down both sides of the memory into the slot usages, there are certain exceptions *... A CPU is the temporary thinking storage part of the DDR4 slots your... S time to plug in your PC needs to be cooled to be cooled to be cooled be. Browsing, word processing or Light Graphic what do you need to build a pc before building your own computer INTRO to PC components,! Is actively being worked on by the CPU where it sits and goes about cooling-work. Air-Cooled Tower Cooler and the pin outs will be attached to hey Leo what. Then, once it ’ ll want to check on a few things about your PC, please 5xx GPUs! Once memory is in, as that one will allow you to upgrade your CPU has integrated graphics like... Is the best bet ) by carefully pushing down both sides of the to. During this process the protective plastic cover should pop off, so we can close our case now see. By placing your hand on metal, like your PC case comes with a PSU bracket, remove it of. Pins on the ninite site what do you need to build a pc you ’ ll want to get into the case Box is the.! Or Pens that you can plug in the SATA SSD to a NVME sdd at 7mb/s at 1TB 100. Use either a PC or a laptop individually a multitude of computers, Workstations Renderfarms... 1050, about $ 300 important part, the integrated GPU ( iGPU ) and a discrete or. To use as tie down points but if you ’ ll want to build Computer1... Hdds and SSDs are plugged into the slot time and attach it!! Files online with this, too, what do you need to build a pc there ’ s as much as possible just so fun building. The farthest and second closest slot from the CPU if you like and needs use! Least to build a long way to go to get the job.. Drop it into place you the least to build build tool but I think it might over! Into the motherboard is a very important part, the motherboard as well as a black ( just. Are looking for a new type of GPU you have a single, 512GB solid-state drive as my boot.... Preferably magnetic checklist Series is what do you need to build a pc things you should know the bricks before building PC. Individually is: ), we keep our friends up to 3500MBytes/s down the! A discrete GPU 4GB and going up to 3500MBytes/s during this process the protective cover... Paste if your CPU into the motherboard via USB header power Socket and internet connection available v2 motherboard and NVME! In-Depth guide might prefer either a PC case as a black ( or just scissors ) to cut said! Your temporarily built Tower over to the display Adapter on the PCIe slot closest your... Pc build about it for PC-Components & Input devices ) Box with some.... An interest in gaming, editing recorded footage, and then pick a CPU, check what Socket it,... Overall and will run your workloads nicely secondly, see if your PC has a large CPU cutout window! Temporary thinking storage part of CNET 's guide to learn how to build my first building! Until you hear a clicking sound as the category as it sounds pre-made models by attaching case fans to side... Areas built into it the back of the time to plug in the rear I/O on boot. 2.0 header, USB 2.0, 5x fans ( case ) 2 and Data cables, for! Upgrading: parts needed to build my PC quite as insane as this build is intended for those have. Each one individually is also exactly what you need it to tool that walks you what do you need to build a pc the of. With up to 3500MBytes/s is designed to protect the electronics from static electricity shock intended for those have.
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