Find more similar words at! So look into these eyes, And tell me how you … War slang meaning to unleash hell on the enemy. Synonyms for rain down include shed, scatter, shower, sprinkle, drizzle, rain, spray, drop, spill and pour down. Right as rain. Dreams about rain might indicate your tendency to isolate from people and shut yourself down. The rain when used as a verb, defines the act of water falling or a descend of anything. All you need to know about the classic 1982 track. Rain … beating down like a stampede of horses —Paige Mitchell; The rain bites like a whip across a prisoner’s back —Anne Morrow Lindbergh Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary "I bless the rains down in Africa!" Meaning: To be correct. Learn more. (Liquid fire.) Rain as verb: The falling of water drops from the sky is rain as verb which describes the action taking place. Rain down on (someone or something) Meaning: To criticize or praise someone continually; Example In A Sentence: The boss just loves to rain down on her employees with criticism. rain (sth) down meaning: 1. to fall in large amounts, or to direct something in large amounts, usually forcefully or…. The rain beat down (on Paris) in endless steady sheets, straight down, like waterfalls —Sylvia Berkman A nice example of a simile to introduce a story and set its mood. Facts about “I Wish It Would Rain Down” Both the lyrics and music of this track were written by Phil Collins. rain down definition in English dictionary, rain down meaning, synonyms, see also 'rain check',rain gauge',rain shadow',rain tree'. Example In A Sentence: Look outside! Toto's 'Africa' - lyrics, meaning, meme, video and more. Meaning: To rain very heavy. Dreaming about rain. It’s raining pitchforks out there! Or used when dropping the flame agent Napalm. Mainly used to agree to do something. The song, which was the second single from Collins’ fourth solo studio album …But Seriously, was officially released on January 15, 1990 in the United Kingdom.It went on to become one of the most successful singles of his solo career. This dream might be a sign of depression and psychological problems you might be experiencing. When you agree with someone. Dreaming about walking in the rain. It started raining. And let it all just rain on me, Let it all just rain on me, Let it all just rain on me= Rain down on me. If only for a day, Oh if only for one night, I could tell you this is everything that i have ever lived for, But I'd be giving it all away. In other words, the meaning of rain is same as a noun and a … See light em up It’s raining pitchforks. Rain Lyrics: Sometimes it's soft as a misty rain / That gently touches my soul / It cools the fire that burns in me / And I simply lose control / So just / Rain down (on) on me / Let your love