Section 737 of the Dodd-Frank Act mandated that the CFTC "limit the amount of positions, other than bona fide hedging positions, that may be held by any person with respect to physical commodity futures and option contracts in exempt and agricultural commodities traded on or subject to the rules of a designated contract market (DCM), as appropriate." - China’s Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) raised the margin requirement for PTA futures contracts from May to December deliveries to 7% from settlement on March 25. Get a complete list of position, expiry and delivery limits for ICE Futures Europe contracts so you can easily make informed decisions. Financial Contracts . Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange . Position Transfer Guidance Members must ensure that they manage positions promptly and with due care and diligence, whilst complying with exchange rules at all times. Chicago Trading Company . These contracts traded at Chinese futures markets were the most actively traded metal contract and the two most actively traded agricultural futures . Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange was the first experimental futures market approved by the State Council, established on October 12, 1990. Each futures symbol shows all of the open contracts with the Contract Name and Month, Last price, Change, Open, High, Low, Volume and Open Interest. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange . These large trading volumes at Chinese futures markets have aroused the interest of traders around the world. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange: Notice On Margins And Price Limits Updates Of PTA Futures And Methanol Futures Contracts Date 23/03/2020 According to Article 10 of the Measures for the Administration of Risk Control of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) hereby adjusts margins and price limits for PTA futures and Methanol futures contracts as follows: It regulates option and future contracts of all commodities. tel. In January of 2010, The Commodity Futures Trading Commission held discussions on energy position limits. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) – ASIA This is the futures exchange in commodities like agriculture and chemicals located in China; Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) – ASIA This is an independent commodity exchange based in Mumbai. The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) is the first experimental futures market approved by the State Council. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) ... Traders are required to deposit an initial margin when opening a position. If you’d like a primer on … An agreement between a buyer … 440 South LaSalle Street . By a 3-2 vote, the Commission approved a final rule amending regulations of speculative position limits to conform with certain Dodd-Frank amendments to the Commodity Exchange Act. ZCE makes the following market data available to members and the public: Trading Data. History of Futures in China. Final Rule: Position Limits for Derivatives. The delivery business of the Exchange shall be governed by these Detailed Rules. See our guidance on position transfers. Notice on Adjustments to Margins and Price Limits of ZCE Pro... Notice on Night Trading Hours during 2020 Mid-Autumn Festiva... Notice on Night Trading Time during 2020 Dragon Boat Festiva... Notice on Adjustments to Margins and Price Limits of ZCE pro... Notice on Resumption of Night Trading Session, Measures for the Administration of Risk Control of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (hereinafter ―the Exchange‖) for the purposes of regulating delivery business and ensuring the normal practices of physical delivery against futures contract in the Exchange.